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As part of your home inspection,
our gift to you is HomeBinder

How HomeBinder Helps Your Home

Organize image for HomeBinder's home management software


Save the contact info of handymen who work on your home so you know who to call for repairs.


Store photos, material info, paint colors, and project costs for easier repairs and tax decreases at sale.


Keep your model numbers, warranty info and user manuals online in case you need them.  Simply enter the information for each appliance and you will be notified if there is a future recall.

Home Inventory

Start an online home inventory to be prepared for emergencies, theft, or insurance & tax claims.

Manage image for HomeBinder's home management software


Schedule e-mail reminders for regular home maintenance needs like air filters, changing batteries for smoke alarms, or servicing appliances.


HomeBinder will notify you of any company recalls for products in your house.


Record info about home purchases for easier product returns and tax accounting.

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Share with Potential Future Buyers

Share a maintenance guide with potential buyers to better market your home.


Transfer the Home Binder to the next owner to ensure the proper upkeep of the home.

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